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The Shelburne Communications Center (SCC) operates under the auspices of the Shelburne Police Department, but we are incredibly proud of our service to all Public Safety Agencies.
The SCC is often called “Shelburne Dispatch” or “Shelburne PSAP” and serves as a regional Emergency Communications Center. We operate as a primary and secondary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and Public Safety Dispatching Point (PSDP). The Center answers 9-1-1 calls for 29 communities and dispatches for 44 agencies from 29 communities.

The SCC serves a population of approximately 52,494 residing in 23,123 homes within 21 different communities. The service area covers a land mass of approximately 643 square miles, 62 square miles of water, and 1054 miles of roads.

The Emergency Communications Technician (ECT), called Call-taker or Dispatcher, is often the first link to individuals needing Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Services, whether they call via 9-1-1 or a non-emergency line. The ECT collects all pertinent information about the emergency, dispatches the appropriate resources, and then offers incident-specific Pre-Arrival Instructions as needed.

All ECTs are certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) by the Vermont Enhanced 9-1-1 Board. This certification provides the ECT with the knowledge required to process medical-related calls utilizing the Board’s EMD Manual properly. The EMD Manual is divided into common medical emergencies or injury call types. Once the ECT has identified the call type, specific Medical Questions will be asked, and appropriate Medical Pre-Arrival Instruction will be offered to the caller. All information obtained from the caller will be relayed to the EMS Crews, allowing for better pre-hospital patient care.

Agencies we proudly serve:

Police Departments:

Rescue Squads and First Response Agencies:

Fire Departments:

For more information about our Communications Center, please get in touch with us.

James Mack
Communications Supervisor
Phone: (802) 985-8051

Patricia Vincent
Assistant Communications Supervisor
Phone: (802) 985-8051

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