Drug Take Back

The Shelburne Police Department has a Drug Take Back drop-off box in our lobby for easy disposal of unused medication year-round. We also participate in the DEA National Drug Take Back events in April and October every year.

For more information, check these other sources for further information.

Champlain Solid Waste District

DEA Drug Take Back

Vermont Department of Health

Medication Disposal:

Three easy steps to properly store and get rid of medications:

Store your medications in a lock box or locked medicine cabinet.

Many pharmacies and law enforcement facilities operate year-round drug collection or drop-off programs. You can drop off your unused medications at the Shelburne Police Department or find participating sites near you at the Vermont Department of Health.

Or mail unused medication in a pre-paid envelope. Visit the Vermont Department of Health for details.

DO NOT pour or flush medications down the drain. Water treatment plants and septic tanks are not designed to remove these chemicals.

Syringe and Needle Disposal:

What to Do with Used Sharps in Vermont?

Put used sharps in a thick plastic container (HDPE 2 imprinted) with a screw-on lid, such as a laundry detergent bottle. When the container is 2/3 full, put the lid on and seal it with duct tape. Label the container with DO NOT RECYCLE.

Put the plastic container in the household trash – DO NOT RECYCLE!

DO NOT place loose Sharps in the household trash, toilet, or Recycling Bins.